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The healthcare industry today has changed rapidly with new innovations in technology. Healthcare is now being provided online by online doctors offering appointments for just about everything including urgent care illnesses such as the common cold, to skin rashes, sinus infections, even, urinary tract infections. There are several options if you are looking for an online doctor service that will allow you to speak to a doctor online and receive diagnosis, treatment plans, prescriptions, if necessary, and even a note from the doctor that you can provide to your employer or school (SmartDocMD is for users 18 and above). The best online doctor websites seek to make healthcare available at your fingertips, from the comfort of your home, office, or school. They seek to make healthcare available to all in a timely manner. Use SmartDocMD to find the best online doctor website.

Comparing Online Doctors

There are several factors that one should consider when comparing online doctors and websites that offer physicians for online appointments. First, consider if the problem that you are having is one that could be assessed in an online visit. This can be difficult to tell. For instance, there are some conditions that should not be first assessed in an online doctor appointment. SmartDocMD online doctor referral service is for non-emergency medical conditions such as sinus infections, upper respiratory infections, a persistent cough / dry cough, urinary tract infections, pink eye / conjunctivitis symptoms, yeast infection symptoms and other vaginal infections.

You may be thinking, “How would a doctor know if I have a UTI without testing my urine”? Virtual doctors cannot test urine samples, however they take into account a patient’s age, sex, and if they have had recurrent or recent similar urinary tract infections. A urinary tract infection can be diagnosed without a urinalysis culture in patients that commonly get these types of infections, i.e. premenopausal women over the age of puberty who have had a UTI before. If you fall into this demographic, you can be treated for a urinary tract infection by online doctors.

virtual physiciansBoard Certified Physicians Offering Services Online

You want to ensure that you are utilizing an online doctor service that is based in the United States with online doctors that are board certified and licensed by the Federation of State Medical Boards. You can query the Physician Data Center and find out information on your doctor. This data center has the most comprehensive database of licensed doctors practicing in the United States. Our partner sites see patients in any state, including in California and Ohio.

Other, miscellaneous factors that you should think about are the methods in which you will connect with the online doctor after you have made the appointment. Some of these virtual doctor services require that you use a specific platform to speak with them on. Others, are more open to utilizing other methods of conversing face to face. Wait times can be long on certain platforms. You should pay special attention to the wait time you are provided. The best online doctor website should ideally offer a short wait time to patients that have requested an appointment and paid.

How much does the online doctor appointment cost?

The last item of importance when vetting out which online doctor service is the best online doctor website is pricing. Understanding that there is no price that we will not pay for our care, how much the appointment costs can be a factor when you consider that most appointments last a few minutes and may cost upwards of $75 or more. SmartDocMD refers to sites that are most cost effective, as low as $30/per.

Are the prices clear and provided upfront in a way that you can understand? We’ve seen some services provide a flat rate for the online doctor appointment, with a fair amount of fine print attached below, that alludes to higher pricing depending on the appointment. Some of the most popular services are tied together with leading insurance providers and require that you pay a subscription price just to have the service as an option. The online doctor in California or any state that you choose to see should offer a very clear pricing structure. They shold have ways for you to communicate questions regarding the pricing of the appointment beforehand. If you just need allergy testing – check out Wyndly.

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