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Antibiotics Aren’t Always the Answer


The CDC reports that anywhere from 20-50% of all prescription antibiotics are unnecessary.  There are numerous conditions that mimic each other and telling the difference can be difficult.  In the current climate of health care, quality improvement and cost efficiency have become extremely important. We at SmartDocMD believe getting the RIGHT care at the RIGHT time is essential.  The CDC Division of Infectious Disease has put together a chart that highlights whether or not antibiotics are needed for different diseases.

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At SmartDocMD we have taken this idea to a new level. We use a proprietary A.I. software system to help our patients (and doctors) figure out the difference between the common cold, a bacterial sinus infection or something worse.  If you are feeling ill, please click here to take a free online patient interview today and start feeling better without the travel and wait at the doctor’s office. We’ll let you know if you need to see the doctor, are eligible for online care, or just need some time to get well. So, skip the waiting room and start your care now.

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